Saturday, 13 April 2013

How To Add Stunning Slideshow In Your Blogger Blog

My Favorites Slideshow

Somebody has asked Me a way to add slideshow in blogger a minute ago. Therefore, currently i need to share my answer to anyone WHO will visit my blog

This tip isn't too exhausting, thus i'd expect that you simply will get to understand a way to add slideshow in your own Blog simply. Alright, let's do these steps

1  Move to Google Picasa (you most likely have a google account, don't you?)

2 Upload your exposure into a album that you simply need to create it as a slide show in your blog posts

3 Click on " Link to the current album " (located within the right side)

4 Click on " embed Slideshow "

5 Copy the code within the yellow box. 

6 Now, you have have already got the code, move to produce a brand new post

7 Paste the code into the content box wherever you would like your slideshow to be displayed

8 Click on Preview to see the result, then Click on Save or Publish.


If You Were Unable To Do It, Please Feel Free To Watch  This Video Tutorial

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