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What to look for in the best gaming laptops?

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Technology is advancing ever quicker and computers are now a huge part of our everyday lives even though we don’t necessarily realise it. We use them on a mass scale for a variety of uses. Many of us rely on them for work and study, another big market for them is
play! If you are a computer buff and love gaming here are a few tips of what to look out for when purchasing a new machine.

As you will know, your computer will need a lot of power in order to run most modern games. In the past gamers have looked to bulky stationary pc’s to provide this amount of power. However with such rapid advances in technology laptops are now catching up, and there are models which have been designed to be specifically suited to gaming.

Having a laptop allows for slightly more flexibility with where and when you can play computer games as it provides a portable platform to do so. Although you’re machine is less fixed than an ordinary PC it is important to consider that you will need to plug in the laptop at most times in order to take advantage of its gaming capabilities.

The first thing to look out for would be a good quality processor, the more powerful the processor the faster the laptop will run. The latest most powerful processors, such as the i7 from Intel, are a good option to go for when gaming. With this type of processor the computer is able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

This type of processor does not come cheap, however is certainly the way to go for keen gamers. The main thing which turns an ordinary laptop into one specifically tailored for gaming is the presence of a GPU, a discrete graphics processing unit. This basically means that on top of the laptops main memory system, there is extra RAM exclusively to power games. This means that the machine is able to run at much higher speeds and can therefore deal with graphically demanding programmes much better. Look out for at least 4GB RAM to ensure your machine runs smoothly.

Another thing to consider is the size of the screen. Obviously a very small screen will mean that you don’t get to appreciate the full potential of that decent graphics card, however one too large could make the machine trickier to transport.

This helpful information should give you a kick start when looking for a new machine!
Be sure to browse the internet for reviews and further information whilst you’re deciding on your purchase. The best gaming laptop could be different for everyone depending on your preference. There is ddr3 RAM available online to boost your machine.

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